Amparts Consumer's Choice Award 2022

24 Sep 2022
In 2022, we nailed it again! AMPARTS has been awarded the “Consumer’s Choice Awards 2022”, a consumer-certified brand recognized and supported by the Ministry of Government! How are consumer rights protected? Companies that have been awarded are brands that you can trust! You give us an affirmation, we give you a peace of mind! Many thanks to the MAJLIS TINDAKAN PENGGUNA NEGARA (MTPN) for their attentive and serious review. AMPARTS adheres to the spirit of quality products at honest price, and become a leading and successful automotive parts supplier (Aftermarket) in Malaysia in recent years. Next, we aim to build an auto parts service platform where customers love to deal with, employees love working for and peers admire. Thank you, our Amparts team! Thanks for your dedication, your willingness to accept every challenge given by the company, and your willingness to grow with the company. Amparts will definitely be your strongest support and get you to your Goals!